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Vehicle Insurance

Fast & Affordable Vehicle Insurance

Looking forward to this year’s family get together in Cape Town and you do not have an insurance cover for your limousine, caravan, trailer, minivan or whichever automotive you plan on using, well worry no more, we are here to help you out.

We offer multiple vehicle insurance quotes to various people, whether you travel alone, with friends or you prefer to take those long family vacations to explore the unknown we have it all. We provide companies that cover your home-away-from-home, your iron horse and your most prized possession, your car.

We provide quotes that offer free cover for every one of these packages, and the benefits keep you calm no matter where you’re busy exploring or discovering the unknown, these packages take care of the best part of any road trip, the driving part. We offer the best services when it comes to online quotes. Our online quotes will give you exactly what you need including the benefits, exclusions and extras that you can add to any of their packages such as Car Hire and Towing in the case of emergencies.

Automotive Insurance

The automotive insurance quotes we offer covers your car, making sure that all the moving parts are taken care of. Some policy options ensure that when you are in need of medical assistance or roadside assistance, you and your family are covered, while they organise panel beaters repair and car hire services.

Motorcycle Insurance

Having an insurance policy makes sure that repairing or replacing parts on your motorbike won’t cost you an arm and a leg, by benefiting you with 24-hour medical and roadside assistance as well as 12 months fixed premiums whether you claim or not.

A collision that involves third-party claims and even liability damage you may have caused, whether by accident or not, are covered. An option is to take cover that comes complete with motor hire while your motorbike is repaired, either by reimbursing your public transport if you do not drive a motor vehicle or an car.

Caravan and Trailer Insurance

Our Caravan and Trailer Insurance quotes provide two very different packages, but both ensure that you and your family are always safe in your home-away-from-home. These various cover options make sure to include all the moving parts when you are camping, or road tripping all the way to Knysna for that family vacation you’ve always planned.

Caravan Cover

Caravan cover ensures your caravan against all threats when you are exploring those amazing caves, and your possessions are locked away on the inside. The cover also includes your luxury travelling when you decide to enjoy your air conditioning unit and your television.

Trailer Cover

Trailer cover ensures that your camping trip in the Bushveld is taken care of when you are not able to fit everything into the vehicle because of too much camping gear. We provide multiple quotes that cover various places when you travel with insurance.

This makes sure all your travels are safe, ensuring that all the camping gear will be under cover in case of a collision, loss, fire, hailstorms and even third party liabilities.

Great Value For Money Vehicle Insurance Cover

We make sure to set you and all your family members at ease by offering multiple insurance quotes to suit every single need you may have. Whether it’s travelling alone to that burger place just off the highway or if it’s a trip with friends to that cabin you parents rented for a week and even that December holiday you’ve planned the whole year.

We provide quotes that cover all the moving parts because if your travelling companion is safe, there’s nothing that can ruin your wonderful plans to make memories.

Automotive Insurance FAQs

Q. What are the payment rates for auto insurance? Can you pay once a month or annually?

A. Well, the payment rates depend on the insurance company policy. However, most insurance companies leave this choice to you. According to our research though, most offer you a lower insurance premium rate if you pay your premiums annually.

Q. What is an insurance deductible

A. An insurance deductible is an amount paid out of pocket by the policyholder before an insurance provider pays for any expenses. The term is used to describe one of several types of clauses that are used by insurance companies as a threshold for policy payments.

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